Pinwheel Place Setting Name Cards Tutorial

This Tutorial included products provided for review by Hot Off the Press –

As I let you know in our earlier tutorial for the Pretty Little Purses Template, I am without my Cricut and all my craft supplies, so I am working with the bare minimum necessary to get the result I want.  I know there are many women there who can’t afford to have every tool she wants for her scrapbooking hobby, and I want to show you how with most of your everyday household items and a few really great scrapbook products you can make some truly inspired pieces.


Hot Off the Press sent both Jess and I each a box of goodies to review, in these boxes we both received 5 templates.  One of them was the Playful Pinwheels Template ($6.99 on their site).  Now we all know that Pinwheels are one of the HOT craft items right now.  And that for a basic pinwheel you don’t need a template, just make a square, cut the corners to the center, stopping about 2/3 the way through, fold over and attach together with a brad.  But, the Perfect Pinwheels Template has 6 Pinwheel Patterns (two are your standard square version) and it makes it very easy to get a perfect square when you are wanting to grab a specific section of a patterned paper.  Using the Playful Pinwheels Template, Tiny Tags & Little Labels Template and a few sheets from the Grapefruit Double Sided paper collection, I created place setting name cards for a party table.


You will need:

Playful Pinwheels Template – Tiny Tags & Little Labels Template – Coordinating double sided papers – adhesive of your choice

Step One:  Line up your paper and your pinwheel template, trace


Step Two:  Cut out your Pinwheel, fold corner to center and attach each piece as you go, add center embellishment if you want


Step Three:  Cut a rectangle of coordinating paper (I did 3.25 inches by 2.5 inches)


Step Four:  Fold rectangle in thirds


Step Five:  Fold 1/4 inch up one edge of rectangle


Step Six:  Trace and Cut out your desired Label for front of Place Setting


Step Seven:  Attach label and pinwheel to front of Place Setting

Step Eight:  Adhere 1/4 inch folded edge to other edge with the folded edge inside



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