Aunesty-JanssenHi, I am Aunesty Janssen.  I am just an Orlando based Photographer, Blogger & Online Marketer, fueled by God, Prayers & Coffee. A Christian mom who enjoys blogging, cooking, sewing, quilting, gardening and so much more.

In my free time, when that happens, you will find me either playing with my two youngest children, or busy crafting in my office.  I love to stay busy.  I am very lucky to have an amazing husband who supports me in all my endeavors, whether crazy or not, and most of them are.

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75 Facts about Aunesty Janssen

  1. I was a preemie, born at 26 weeks gestation at UCLA Medical Center in the 70’s
  2. I was raised in Southern California, Orange County, CA to be exact
  3. I was in foster care as a child with my brother for few years
  4. I have one brother, 11 months older than me – Yes I am an Irish Twin
  5. I have 6 kids, 3 boys and 3 girls
  6. There is an 19 year difference between my oldest and my youngest
  7. My eldest son is currently serving in the Army
  8. My youngest son is on the Autism Spectrum
  9. I wanted to be a Mom when I grew up
  10. My mom was killed in a car accident when I was 3 years old
  11. My birth certificate has the wrong last name on it
  12. I have lived in 6 states
  13. I am great at Starting things
  14. I am terrible at finishing things
  15. I come up with at least 3 new ideas everyday of websites
  16. I taught myself HTML, CSS, Photoshop and Illustrator
  17. I quilt, cross stitch, sew, scrapbook, and love DIY projects
  18. I love to bake and cook
  19. I learned to decorate cakes when I was 15, and have been doing it ever since
  20. I am ok with a messy bedroom, but a messy house drives me nuts
  21. I always clean the kitchen first when cleaning the house
  22. I pray every night before bed, and multiple times throughout the day
  23. I don’t eat tomatoes, cucumbers, squash or mushrooms, not because of taste, but because of texture
  24. I chew the insides of my cheeks
  25. I have never snow skied
  26. I love ice skating and swimming
  27. I love to read, and then re-read the same books several times
  28. I used to own and breed frogs, Mantellas, Red Eyed Tree Frogs and Fire Belly Toads
  29. I dream of going to Madagascar just to see the wildlife
  30. I hope to one day travel to Europe and tour Ireland, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France and Germany
  31. I have never had a first dance, father daughter dance or a honeymoon
  32. I ran for State Representative twice
  33. I have 11 incision scars on my abdomen from 6 surgeries
  34. I have had a liver resection because of a liver tumor
  35. I am a Cancer survivor
  36. My favorite flower is a gardenia
  37. I love to garden but haven’t had time in the last few years
  38. I love roller coasters, but am scared of water rides with big drops (I still do them, but always regret it when I am on)
  39. I love going to Baseball games, but hate watching them on TV
  40. I enjoy ice skate, swimming and riding bikes
  41. My first car was 1973 Datsun B210 that I bought for $100
  42. I was raised Mormon but became a born again Christian at 20
  43. I believe in miracles
  44. I believe faith will get you through anything
  45. I want hair removal so I never have to shave again
  46. I want to travel the entire US in an RV
  47. My bucket list includes seeing the Grand Canyon from the back of a horse and going to Niagara Falls
  48. I have naturally curly hair, I mean EXTREMELY curly hair

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