Hello, I’m Jess. I am a Canadian living in Chicago. I love the city but I do not like the winter weather. I love crafts of all sorts, baking, animals and of course, my family.


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55 Facts about Jessica

  1. I was born on a beautiful island and lived there well into my 20’s. (Vancouver Island, BC)
  2. The first time I was admitted to a hospital was when I had my baby last summer.
  3. I’ve only truly been in love once, and I’m married to him now.
  4. I can saber the top off a champagne bottle (just like my dad can!)
  5. I lived in southern California for 2 years and had some of the best days of my life there.
  6. I miss living by the ocean.
  7. I prefer to drive standard cars (stick shift)
  8. My favorite car of all time was my Jeep YJ Wrangler
  9. My husband and I have our own small zoo of about 70 animals. We own an Animal Outreach company.
  10. I have degrees in Exotic Animal Training & Management, Wildlife Education and Animal Behavior Management.
  11. I have written a book, an article for a magazine and had my work published in 2 other books and magazines.
  12. I am an extremely shy person but my job consists of public speaking every day.
  13. I never tried avocado until I moved to California, and now it’s one of my favorite foods.
  14. I love raspberries but only if they’re fresh.
  15. My parents have always been the biggest role models in my life and they still are.
  16. I love being a mother more than I ever imagined possible.
  17. I now understand when people say they will do anything for their kids.
  18. I bite my nails. It’s an awful habit I know, it’s just so hard to stop.
  19. I have never smoked and I don’t really like alcohol.
  20. One of my favorite places is Hawaii and I can’t wait to take my husband and daughter there one day.
  21. I have one sister and we kind of look like each other. We look enough alike that when we are out together people ask us if we’re sisters. It’s pretty cool. We only live about 4 hours away from each other but I wish we lived closer.
  22. On that note, I wished my parents lived in the same city as us. I miss being able to drive to their house whenever I wanted to.
  23. My mom and I used to work for the same company for many years. We would even ride to work together sometimes!
  24. Large bridges freak me out. Especially ones like the Golden Gate in San Francisco. I think I held my breath the entire time we were on that bridge. Well maybe not but….
  25. The most daring thing I did was go on a zipline. That and some rock climbing and repelling. I’m not sure which was scarier.
  26. My favorite zoo animal that I trained was a hyena. He was super duper smart.
  27. The zoo animal that stole my heart was a Capuchin monkey named Bennie.
  28. I love amusement parks but rides that go upside down make me feel sick.
  29. I am Canadian. My husband is American. Our daughter has duel citizenship.
  30. I’ve moved 11 times in my life.
  31. I’ve been to 27 states.
  32. I love road trips.
  33. Ice cream is a huge weakness of mine.
  34. I love elephants.
  35. I love reading and I am a very fast reader. However I haven’t had time to read a book cover to cover in a long long time.
  36. My favorite color is blue. Specifically that dark bluish/purplish color
  37. I love Starbucks, and I love how our grocery store has one inside it.
  38. The only reality TV show I watch is the Bachelor/ Bachelorette. I’m addicted. Oh and I watch Dancing with the Stars sometimes too.
  39. I can watch the same shows over and over, and over. Such as Big Bang Theory and the Office.
  40. Both my husband and I need the TV in order to fall asleep. Then I usually turn it off sometime in the middle of the night.
  41. I can’t get into bed until I make sure all our dogs (all 3) are in our room and in bed first.
  42. I wish we could live somewhere that’s warm all year round.
  43. I really want to go to Africa.
  44. I love all types of games. We regularly have game nights with our friends and we also have a trivia group and attend weekly trivia nights at local restaurants.
  45. I went to a private all girls school for 3 years (jr high)
  46. I love camping, hiking and exploring.
  47. I love most types of candy, except for licorice
  48. I prefer homemade cake to store bought. It just tastes better. Especially angel food cake.
  49. I wish I could sew as beautifully as my mom can. In fact I wish I could sew, period. The only things I’ve really sewn are cloth wipes…
  50. I wish I could cook as well as my dad can. It amazes me how he can throw a few ingredients together and come out with a delicious meal!
  51. My favorite flowers are Calla Lilies and Dahlias. I also love Tulips and Daffodils.
  52. I wear contacts most of the time and rarely wear my glasses.
  53. I have a problem with losing/ breaking my sunglasses. So I only buy cheap ones.
  54. I love taking photos and already have thousands of my 7 month old.
  55. I hate when people shorten words. I think it’s cray cray and totes ridic. There. Doesn’t that sound silly?

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