I Can’t Take the White Walls Anymore!

We moved into our home in April of 2015 just over 9 months ago and I can no longer handle the barren empty walls in it.  With 90% of our belongings still in storage back in Omaha, NE, I have been making due with minimal home decor and trinkets.  Well, after visiting a friends home last month, I realized how empty my home was.  It is missing that warm homey feel only drapes, wall decor and trinkets on shelves can bring.

Since it was Christmas time when this overwhelming sense of empty walls hit, I immediately started using paper and my printer to add little touches of homeyness to the walls.  I grabbed a few sheets of Christmas themed scrapbook paper and made a chain 12 feet long and hung it on the wall over our TV and then with a few dollar store frames, I printed a few Christmas prints on my HP Printer.

Then using HP’s Snapshots App and the new HP Social Snaps sticker backed paper, I printed a dozen of my favorite photographs of my kids.

Once I had everything printed, I hung it all up on another one of my white walls.  I love how it turned out.  I keep calling it my Family Wall of Fame.  The two little ones love going over to it and pointing out each of their siblings.  Being how the elder 4 children are grown and out of the house, it is one way I can keep them a part of our daily life with the younger ones.

Now that Christmas is over, and I have to take down the paper chain, change out the prints in the frames and figure out how else I can decorate my home to make it feel cozier without breaking the bank and repurchasing all the items I have in storage.  I think between framed printables, HP Sticker Paper, Kirklands and Pier 1 Imports, I will hopefully be able to turn my house into home….

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