Pretty Little Purses

Since we moved to Florida in August, all of our belongings (including all of my craft supplies) have continued to live in a storage unit in Omaha.  Since we weren’t sure how long we were going to be down here, we made the decision to leave things back home and if we decided to stay in FL, then we would find a house and have our stuff moved down here… We love it, and want to stay, but we are having a terrible time trying to find a house….So I am without all my crafting supplies…. Now on to my tutorial utilizing the bare necessities to get the job done.

All products used in the tutorial were provided to Homeketeers by Hot Off the Press for review purposes.


When my box of goodies arrived from Hot Off of the Press, there were these amazing templates in it.  Now I usually just use my Cricut for cutting, but since it is in Omaha without me, but since that isn’t an option for me, getting these templates to review was a great surprise.  So as I was going through the templates, the Pretty Little Purses Template caught my eye.  It has four templates on it.  Two of the purses can stand up and two of the purses are flat, like pockets.

I loved the idea of these cute little bags, and especially without my Cricut.  So I dived right in to make the Grandma’s Coin Purse.  I thought how cute they would be for party favors, placeholders, or an embellishment for a Scrapbook page.  I have to say, I misjudged the size of what the finished product would look like.  I thought they would be larger than what it was, and without any to score the folds, it was messier than it should have been for a “finished” product.  I think I can really make something cute with this template, but this is one product that does need to another tool with it to help make finished piece.  As soon as I purchase a new scorer, I will make another tutorial.  But for now, here is the coin purse.

What You Need: Pretty Little Purses Template from Hot Off the Press, Double Sided Paper (I used a piece from the Grapefruit Collection) – Embellishments of your choosing

Step One: Align the paper and the template, Trace through ALL the empty slots (even the fold ones)


Step Two: Cut Out



Step Three: Makes folds according to the instructions on the template – Mountains fold paper away from you, Valleys fold paper towards you

IMG_7849 IMG_7851

The folding can be a little taxing, but as you are folding you will see your piece coming together.  I do recommend adding certain embellishments before folding.

IMG_7852 IMG_7853

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