Baseball Themed Party – Build a Banner

build-a-banner-tutorialPersonalized or Customized Banners are the latest thing for decorating for a party and so today we are going to show you a THIRD technique for making one.  These great little banners are super easy to make, and with the Hot Off The Press Banner Builder Template it takes less than 30 minutes to throw one together.


  • Hot Off The Press Banner Builder Template
  • Card Stock or Paper of your choice
  • Adhesive – I prefer double sided tape
  • String / Yarn / Twine
  • Packing Tape

Follow the Video below for complete instructions:

To See Two other Techniques for making a banner:

Create a banner by Sewing it for texture or Create a Banner / Bunting utilizing tape for the connector

This Tutorial includes products provided for review by Hot Off the Press –


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