Easy DIY Baby Essentials

Well I admit I may have baby on the brain right now, but I can’t resist some of these great tutorials for easy to make baby items. Even if you’re not an avid sewer (like myself), it’s still possibly to create some of these beauties without ripping your hair out. These would also make great gifts for friends and co-workers who are expecting little ones. They’ll think you spent way more time making them then you actually did! Happy sewing!


1. Burp Cloths

2. Baby Hats

3. Wearable Blanket

4. Simple Baby Blanket

5. Owl Mobile

6. Baby Block

7. Baby Food

8. Baby Bibs

9. Closet Organizers

One thought on “Easy DIY Baby Essentials

  1. OMG I don’t have a baby nor am I pregnant but these things are way too frickin CUTE!!!! It makes me want to have one just to have these LOL. 

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