DIY magnets

Who doesn’t love magnets? They always come in handy too, and I seem to find places for them all over: the fridge, the white boards, my magnetic craft boards, the mini fridge…. I love collecting magnets from vacations as they make a great souvenir, but I really love creating my own. I’ve made little mini magnets from pieces of patterned paper and glass pebbles, and also made them from 2 x 2 glass square tiles. In search of some new DIY magnet ideas, I came across many gems. Have a look and I’m sure you’ll be inspired to make some of these little beauties for yourself.


1. Pantone Chip Magnets

2. Tiny poloroid magnets

3. Fork magnets

4. Stamped stone magnets

5. Felt heart magnets

6. Shiny map magnets

7. Terrarium magnets

8. Glass pebble/ tile magnets

9. Fabric magnets

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