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homeketeers-coupon-dealsIf you are like me, then you have a small stock pile of items for worst case scenario possibilities.  When I lived in the midwest it was for tornadoes, now that we are in Florida, It is for Hurricanes.

One of the things that concern me is, unsafe water supply and stockpiling gallons of water and bottled water for five us for three days is A LOT of water!  Plus with Florida water, we don’t drink from the tap, EVER.  It tastes TERRIBLE!

$5.00 off any Brita System or Brita FiltersSo when I saw these Brita Coupons for $5 off any Brita Filter or Brita System I had to tell you about it!

Now this is where it gets tricky.  Yes this Brita Coupon is a high dollar coupon, BUT if you stack this coupon with other coupons you can get this deal for really cheap.  Examples of stacking opportunities for the Brita Filter or Brita System:

  • Staples: Stack it with a $30 off $60, (if you don’t have one, always look on ebay like this)
  • Publix, WalGreens, CVS or Your Local Store: Wait for the BOGO sale (buy One get One) then you can use Two of the $5 Brita Coupons and get $10 off of two, but you are all ready getting One for free, so you may end up with BOTH of them for free!
  • You get the idea… so clip and print now, and start looking for the best way to stack it in your area.

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$5.00 off any Brita System or Brita Filters
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