How to Make a Brick Retaining Planter Wall – WDW Style

As many of our readers know, I own a travel agency that specializes in Walt Disney World Vacations, and I go to the Disney Parks almost daily to take photos, have fun and learn as much as I can about Disney travel.  Well, during the International Flower and Garden Festival in Epcot I came across this brick retaining planter wall.


Super Cute! Right?!?!?  Well, lucky for us, Disney provided instructions on how to make this fantastic wall planter!


  1. Lay bottom course of concrete blocks, angling blocks occasionally to make plant pockets.
  2. Lay second course “stair step”, so cells at end of bottom course are exposed.  Angle blocks occasionally to make plant pockets, but not directly over bottom plant pockets.
  3. Lay top course similar to others.IMG_1169
  4. Once you are happy with the design, remove sections and glue together with outdoor adhesive or mortar.  Weight top cells with extra blocks until cured.
  5. Drive metal stakes through open cells and into the ground, every 2-3 blocks.  Partially fill staked cells with mortar if you need extra stability.IMG_1171
  6. Push piece of hardware cloth into bottom of open cell to hold plat.  Glue in place with outdoor adhesive.
  7. Cut piece of landscape fabric and lay on top of hardware cloth to hold soil.  adhesive.IMG_1172
  8. Fill cell with lightweight potting soil and plant with succulents or other drought-tolerant species.

IMG_1174 IMG_1158 IMG_1156

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