Military Care Packages

So lately I have been looking at Military Care Packages, trying to prepare myself for the inevitable future…  And through my research I have come across some truly wonderful and imaginative ones.  The thing I have noticed about all these elaborate Care Packages, is that they take planning.  With an average cost of $40 to $60 (the $14.85 shipping cost included) per care package, it really does make sense to plan ahead.  With that in mind, we have created a set of Military Care Package Planning Printables to help you with the your care packages.  You can download them for free HERE.

A few tips for making the most of your money and supplies:

  1. As soon as you get your dates, decide which months you want to send a Care Package
  2. Make a list of all the items you want to put in each Care Package KEEP your list on you every time you leave the house to go shopping.  If you know you are going to need something for a Care Package 6 months for now and find it on sale, get it and put it away
  3. Decorate First.  Go get your boxed from the Post Office and decorate them.  Do the flaps, bottoms and any little extras that your design will need.    This way you can use green Christmas Scraps on the St Patrick’s Day package, or the red ones for Valentine’s Day… You get the idea.  Waste Not, Want Not.

Now on to the Inspiration – You can find the sources for all of these images on Our Homeketeers Military Care Packages Pinterest Board and on Dixie Midwest’s Care Package Pinterest Board

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  1. My only son is fixing to be deployed overseas this month and I am looking for ideas for care packages for him and what to put in them. Thank you for your ideas.

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