Getting Ready for Baby

Just a few months to go, and as usual, I seem to be leaving things to the last minute. However, we have been getting little things here and there and we have quite the wardrobe already for our little girl! But when I walk into her room, it doesn’t resemble a nursery at all. There is nothing on the walls yet, and no furniture. Time to start decorating! I came across this adorable etsy shop:  DesignsByMaya with a huge assortment of fabulous artwork for nursery walls. Now I’m stumped trying to decide which ones I want to get for our nursery. I really want all of them!

Be sure to check out all her other adorable prints; there are so many to choose from!

The nursery is only part of getting ready for the baby. There are so many little things we are told we “need” but how much of that do we really need? I don’t want to go overboard and be stuck with a lot of stuff we never use, but I want to make sure we have what we need so we don’t have to make any last minute runs to the store the first week we have her home with us.

Obviously the basics: carseat, crib or bassinet (we’ll be using the Fisher Price Rock n’Play), onesies, diapers, receiving blankets, etc.

I’ve been told that having extra large receiving blankets for swaddling are a must have. I came across some fabulous ones in this etsy shop: lilpeeperkeepers

Tons to choose from in this cute shop! I love all the beautiful colors she has to choose from too!

If you’re planning to breastfeed, then there are going to be several must have items as well: a nursing cover, possibly a good pump, a  pillow like a boppy, and some nursing pads. These may very likely come in handy well before the baby is even born, so stock up now! I want to get reusable ones, and I found some great ones in this etsy shop: GrandmaJcollection

She’s got lots of other awesome baby essentials in her shop so you’ll have fun shopping around in there!


Here are some other great products that are on my must-have list:

I love this reusable storage bag – it can hold pacifiers, snacks, you name it! For all of you having a little boy, this one comes with “caution caps” too – great idea! Visit this great shop: TheClubHouse to see tons of other fabulous baby products in all kinds of cute fabrics!

Burp cloths!! A total must have and look how cute this one is: peeptree. You’ll want to visit this great shop to see all the other beautiful hand made items that are for sale there.

Another must have for sure! Look at this awesome baby bath towel snuggler from Chattamamacrafts. I just love the concept of this towel – you wear it around your neck to keep you dry while you bath baby, then you scoop baby up and pull them to you to snuggle them into the towel.

Every baby needs a sweet hand crocheted baby blanket. I love this one from meshell609. This blanket also comes in pink or blue, and she has an assortment of other hand crocheted baby items for sale as well.

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  1. Great finds!  My little one did not like being swaddled, not his arms anyway, but Oh My! How adorable is the peanut swaddled up here!  And so much beautiful, dark hair!  love it 🙂  I used both cloth and disposable nursing pads and the cloth pads were better in every way.  Awesome list.  Thanks for sharing!

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