I want to Digi Scrap, Now What? Where do I start?

When I decided to do this series on Digital Scrapbooking I had no idea where to start.  So the first thing I did was Google Digital Scrapbooking.  Yeah that wasn’t much help either.  So I went into our forum, and followed a few blog hops and came across some really great sites that inspired me to do this.  Since I love to web design and traditional paper crafts, this whole digi scrapping thing shouldn’t be to far of a stretch from what I am used to.   So I started to pose the following questions to myself, and dove in.

1.  What do I need in order to make a nice Digital Scrapbook or Scrap page?

The short list: Software, “Scrapping Supplies”, Photos

I all ready own Photoshop and as much I LOVE to work in it, I don’t want to start my first digital scrapbooking experience in it.  Seems that it might be too robust for what I want to do.  So I went on a hunt for Digital Scrapbooking Software and decided on My Memories Suite Software – more on that in the Software, Programs and Files, Oh My post.  Next I made sure that I moved over the images of Courtney, my 5 month old, from my external hard drive to my computer so I had quick and easy access to them while working and finally I made sure to purchase, or download any of the Digi Scrapbooking Supplies I would need for this first book.

2.  Are there templates out there to get me started?

Short Answer – OH YEAH – -I found plenty of templates, but since I decided on My Memories Suite Software and it comes pre-loaded with more than $600 worth of templates and supplies, I am just going to stick with the templates in it while I am learning how to digital scrapbook.

3.  What is my goal with these pages?

I want to create actual photo books, or hard board books with the two baby books I am making.  I want two copies of each, one set for my Mother-in-law and and another set for me.  I quickly figured out that if I wasn’t building pages with a goal in mind, that inspiration, or organization would be an issue.  So I am making two baby books.

4.  How do I go about getting started?

I think this is different for everyone.  For me I went through the pictures of Courtney and decided on the ones I wanted to create pages for.  From there I decided on how many pages it would be with the current pictures, and then I made a list of the additional pages I am going to want to add.  I am planning on making the templates for those pages for when those memories happens… crawling.. first steps…first tooth… I may not get these pages ready, but at least I have good intentions!

I would like to say that I sat in a nice quiet place and started working, but that just doesn’t happen here with two babies and teenagers… So I settled in to my computer, with the Twilight audio book playing on my iPhone and went to work.

I know I probably left out a few things and I am hoping again that some of you speak up and share advice about how you digi scrap.  I don’t really think there is a right or a wrong way to it.

Inspiring Digital Scrapbooking pages I found:



2 thoughts on “I want to Digi Scrap, Now What? Where do I start?

    1. This is a great starting point. I found that in order to start a page it is best to have your pictures nearby. I am still trying to learn how the software operates. I love the look of hybrid digi pages and guess I really need to poke about to see what elements I have and don’t have. Then shop for some new ones. I am looking forward to your next post!

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