Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

With Mother’s day coming soon, we thought sharing a few Mother’s Day crafts that kids can make would help you drop hints to your hubby this year.  If your husbands are anything like mine, then they need hints and step by step instructions!  Enjoy our idea gallery and tutorials!  We would LOVE to see completed projects as well!  Happy Mother’s day!!!!!!!!!

A Pillow Case for Mommy!  Perhaps my favorite idea!

So Simple – some fabric paint and a solid colored pillow case

Put their little hand prints all over it – write their names in permanent ink under them

Hand Flower Garden – Super easy and adorable

All you need – Straws, Construction paper, Tape and a Pot of “dirt” – Can be candy, cake, sand…

After you make the “flowers” stick them in your pot and give to mom

A Pencil Jar – I love these, because they serve so many purposes

Supplies – A Jar or a Can – Hot Glue Gun – Pencils/Pens/Crayons/Rulers…., Ribbon

Glue your item of choice around the can or jar, wrap your ribbon around it and tie a bow, all done!

Fill with new pens, or markers, or Flowers for mom!

A Foot Stool – Now this is a little more advanced, but so cute!

Supplies – a Foot stool (Hobby Lobby, Michaels or even WalMart) – 2 coordinating paints – finishing spray or poly – sand paper

Paint Foot Stool with color 1 – sand around edges to give it a distressed look –

put paint color 2 on bottom of feet – step on stool – let dry – cover with finishing spray or poly


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

  1. The stool is awesome! My kids did printed coloring pics for mom last year from but I’d love to have them try some of your ideas.

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