Garlands – all the Rage!

Everywhere you look right now, there are different kinds of garlands. Etsy is full of them, and they are popping up on blogs all over the place. Charming, elegant, cutesy, whimsical…whatever kind of garland that may interest you, you can find it. Not only can you buy one of these fun decor items, but you can make them quite easily. We have found some of the best tutorials on the web for different types of garlands, take your pick!

DIY Awesome Garland Ideas

Read more info on this creative garland at Creature Comforts Blog


Learn how to make this super cute pom pom garland here

Learn how to make these cute peppermints and candy canes for a garland here


See this adorable star stitched paper garland here


This tutorial is actually for a necklace but it would be so easy to make it into a garland. Too cute to pass up! Find the tutorial here


Love this garland – I can think of many ways where it could be used! Find it here


Oh my, this garland caught my eye and it’s something I want to make for sure. How easy would this be to make in other colors and themes? Wonderful! Find it here

A lovely simple but colorful garland. Find it here


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