Fabric Covered Heart Shaped Gift Box Tutorial


Heart shaped gift box. (you can use any shaped box for this).


What you need:

– cardboard box with removable lid- any shape will work. I got mine at Michaels

– Claudine Hellmuth Gloss Multi Medium (or Liquid Laminate)

– Pieces of fabric


* I am going to mention here that I have both the Claudine Hellmuth Multi medium in GLOSS and the Liquid laminate. For compariosn reasons I’m going to use both so I can show the difference on here the best I can.

1. Cut up your fabric into various sized pieces.


2. Using a foam brush, brush some medium onto the box, place a piece of fabric onto right away and them cover it with another layer of medium. Do this same procedure until the entire box it covered.




3. After all the fabric pieces are on, cover the entire box with a layer of medium and let dry

For the above photos I used the Multi Medium and for the next set of photos I used the liquid laminate. I will be competely honest here and say that I found the multi medium MUCH easier to use. The liquis laminate is harder to spread as it is very watery so it kept dripping off the sides of the box before I had the chance to smooth it out. It then dried with a dull finish and the edges of the fabric stood out a little. With the multi medium, the fabric dried completely flat and it left a nice smooth and slightly glossy sheen to it when it dried. I actually ended up putting a coat of medium over the entire box – even the part that I used the liquid laminate on. Conclusion: my favorite is the Multi Medium, hands down!!




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