Coney Island Wedding or Party Disney Style


The Walt Disney World Wedding Pavilion has some wonderful displays of potential wedding tables based on themes.  This particular theme, the Coney Island Wedding (or Party) theme is one I particularly like.  I think it is quite lovely for a Summer wedding or Summer party.  I envision a backyard party, or wedding under a tent…. I think it is even possible to take pieces of this theme and work them into a child’s party theme, for instance a Minnie Mouse Party.

The Invitations are Simple enough:

Polka Dot paper with coordinating ribbon, Solid color paper with coordinating ribbons.  Cut a large square from the polka dot paper, cut a smaller square from the solid color square, wrap ribbons around smaller square, use sticker letters or letters cut with your Cricut or Silhouette, to create your message, attach smaller square to front, turn over and attach the information for your event on a printed piece of solid paper.


Place Cards:

Two pieces of card stick paper in coordinating colors, sticker letters or letters cut with your Cricut or Silhouette.  Cut one piece of paper to 6 inches in length and 2 1/2 wide, fold in half.  Cut other piece of paper into a rectangle 2 x 2.5.  Attach together


Center Pieces:

You Will Need:

Glass Vases2.5″ wide solid ribbon1/2″ polka dot ribbonHot Glue Gun and Glue SticksCoordinating glass marbles or vase gillerOne Tall flower (Sunflower works great!)

Glue 2.5″ inch ribbon to vase, Glue 1/2 ribbon on top of in the center – Fill 1/4 with filler, Add Flower

Group together on table for the effect you want

IMG_9689 IMG_9697

Menu or Program:

IMG_9691 IMG_9702



Bridal Bouquet:

IMG_9698 IMG_9695

Some More Pictures:

IMG_9698 IMG_9694 IMG_9689 IMG_9702

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