iPotty for Toliet Training the iPad addicted Toddler

OMGosh!!!!  So  my husband sent me this link and I am not sure if I hate or love it… I know there will be a bunch of you who can spout off all that is wrong with it… BUT for my family, with a child diagnosed on the spectrum and another one that we are pretty sure has sensory issues, the iPad is an amazing device!  And really, is it any different than taking a book, or a magazine or your phone to the bathroom with you?  The iPotty had a great built in holder for the iPad, and well I am SERIOUSLY considering purchasing it for my toddlers, who are refusing to do their business on the toilet….

So what do you think of the iPotty?

2 thoughts on “iPotty for Toliet Training the iPad addicted Toddler

  1. I can see where having an iPad, or kindle or something like that would be a necessity rather than a want. My youngest is on the autism spectrum. He is getting a kindle for christmas. So many things have been happening in a positive way since his school (preschool) started using an iPad with him for different things. He isn’t talking yet, but he is making a lot of noises that are so different from anything he’s done before. The start of talking. I am so proud of my little guy. I can’t wait to see how he grows once he has a kindle at home to go along with what he is learning at his preschool. I’m seriously considering getting this for my son as well.

  2. I think this is a bit much for toilet training. I have 3 kids and they are addicted to electronics. If we went a day without internet it would be really hectic. I kind of regret allowing them to be so dependent on electronic although they are better at electronics than I am . #Sitsblogging

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