Organization Challenge – FREE printables & More!

Are you ready to get organized? Today we are going to start a 30 day Organization Challenge here at Homeketeers. It’s completely free to join 🙂 Each day you’ll get an email with a new task or tip, as well as plenty of printables and inspiration. Participate where you can and we will showcase some of our participants at the end of the challenge. See below for a list of each days challenges.                                                We will be updating this daily.

So take those before and after photos and prepare to get organized!

 sign up anytime at:

Day 1: Free printable {Organization Challenge Day 1}
Day 2: Drawer Organization & Idea Gallery {Organization Challenge Day 2}
Day3: Free Printable {Organization Challenge Day 3}
Day 4: Free Printable {Organization Challenge Day 4}
Day 5: Organizing Bathrooms {Organization Challenge Day 5}
Day 6: Organizing Your Linen Closets {Organization Challenge Day 6}
Day 7: Organizing Your Kitchen Pantry {Organization Challenge Day 7}
Day 8: Frugal Cleaning Tips {Organization Challenge Day 8}
Day 9: Organize Your Jewelry {Organization Challenge Day 9}
Day 10: Gallery of FREE Organizational Printables {Organization Challenge Day 10}
Day 11: Organize Your Digital Photos {Organization Challenge Day 11}
Day 12: Clean Your Closets {Organization Challenge Day 12}
Day 13: Organizing Kids Toys & Rooms {Organization Challenge Day 13}
Day 14: Let’s Tackle that Fridge {Organization Challenge Day 14}
Day 15: Organizing Entryways & Front Closets {Organization Challenge Day 15}
Day 16: Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink {Organization Challenge Day 16}
Day 17: Organizing your Laundry Room {Organization Challenge Day 17}
Day 18: Organizing Your Christmas, Don’t get behind {Organization Challenge Day 18}
Day 19: Mail Organization {Organization Challenge Day 19}
Day 20: Desk Organization {Organization Challenge Day 20}
Day 21: Organizing Your Craft Room {Organization Challenge Day 21}
Day 22:
Day 23:
Day 24:
Day 25:
Day 26:
Day 27:
Day 28:
Day 29:
Day 30:

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