Day 3 FREE Photoshop Class – Basic Photo Editing

photoshop-class-day-3To day we are going to cover basic photo editing in Photoshop.  While Photoshop can do some pretty amazing things, just knowing how to clean up an image can dramatically improve it’s quality.  From removing red eye, to brightening eyes, to removing blemishes, we will cover some of the basic photo touch up techniques today.

Again if you have any questions on these techniques or past ones, leave your questions in the comments below and I will be sure to answer them for you.

The full schedule of the  14 Day FREE Photoshop Class series

Day Three – Photo Editing in Photoshop


The Three Photoshop Techniques we will be covering:

Technique 1 – Red Eye Removal
Technique 2 – Blemish Removal/Coverup
Technique 3 – Eye and Teeth Brightening

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