Tutorial: Make your own cloth baby wipes

My latest obsession is cloth diapers. Wow, can those things get addicting! I’ve done so much reading up on them and the various kinds so I started slowly buying some for our stash over a month ago. I think we’re just about set with all the diapers now (I’m so looking forward to not using disposables for so many reasons!) but now the question of wipes came up. Why not use cloth wipes instead of buying all those packages of wipes from the store? Another money saver and better for the earth! Win-win.

It’s so easy to make your own wipes, and you can make them even simpler than I did. I used 2 pieces of fabric sewn together so they are a bit thicker and double sided. You can even just cut up pieces of fleece or flannel and use those, you only have to get as fancy as you’d like. As far as wipe solution goes, there are tons of various all-natural recipes out there on the web, or you can just use water. Imagine that? I plan to make up a small batch of solution and have it in a spray bottle on the change table so I can just spray the wipe before using. I will also have a spray bottle of just water as well for the same purpose. I made all my wipes 8 x 8″, this is a great size as the wipes fit into a standard wipes container when they are folded in half.

What you need:

– Fabric (I used a mixture of flannel and fleece)

– Sewing machine (only if you want to sew more than 1 piece together or add fancy stitching)

– Scissors

– Rotary cutter & mat

– Pins

1. Start by cutting your fabric into squares, I cut all mine into 8 x 8 squares.

2. If double siding the wipes, pin together 2 squares with the right sides facing out.

3. Sew along all the edges, leaving about 1/4 inch seam along the edge.

4. Using pinking shears (I used scallop edged shears), trim all the edges

And that’s it! Super easy and look how cute they are! I made about 40 of them so far and I still have lots of fabric left over. I’m thinking about making some larger ones for using in the kitchen as dish rags.

Have fun! If you end up making some of these, please post some pics here so we can see them 🙂


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