The DIY Brides Guide to Making Wedding Bunting

There is a huge craze for wedding bunting at the moment. I think this probably has something to do with the shabby chic and vintage revival that we are currently going through. Brides just can’t seem to get enough of these cute and colorful flags! Being a craft enthusiast I thought I would try my hand at making a string of bunting to see how easy it is. I opted for paper bunting to start off with as my sewing skills are a little rusty.  My favorite color is purple and so I dug out a purple paper stack that I had in my craft collection and decided to use that. Paper stacks are great because you get a nice range of patterns at an affordable price.

You will need:

-A5 patterned paper stack

-Double sided sticky tape

-Cord ribbon

-A guillotine

-A ruler


  1. Tear one piece of patterned paper out from your stack. Place it on your table portrait orientation with the pattern facing down. Place the ruler across the bottom edge of your paper and make a pencil mark at the half way point.
  2. Place the piece of paper under your guillotine with the blade line running from your pencil mark at the bottom to the top right hand corner so that it is sitting at a diagonal. Cut along at this angle.
  3. Do the same again but line the pencil mark up with the top left hand corner and cut. You should now have a triangle flag shape. Cut out as many flags as you need for your string on bunting.
  4. With the flag facing pattern side up, stick a line of double sided tape across the top. Peel the backing paper off the tape and stick the ribbon across the tape. Repeat this for the rest of your flags and just stick them on to the ribbon one after another with about a 1cm gap in between.  Just remember to leave enough of the ribbon free at each end so that you can string the bunting up.

So there you have it, easy paper bunting that is perfect for weddings. String it around your cake table, from chandeliers, around trees and from beams to add extra decoration to your venue. You don’t necessarily have to use patterned paper; you can use all sorts of materials to make your flags. At a recent garden party I went to one of my friends had cut up a disposable pvc table cloth to make the bunting flags. This meant that she had bunting to match the cups, plates and napkins that she had decided to use!

Bio: Vicky writes the handmade section on She loves all types of crafts but especially those involving paper.

One thought on “The DIY Brides Guide to Making Wedding Bunting

  1. Interesting that they call it wedding bunting.  I’d never heard of bunting until I did a google search for it.  It seems the bunting used to refer to the thin cloth fabric used for making flags and banners, and so people probably call it bunting now.  I’ve always referred to that type of banner as a pennant banner.  I actually made one for Mother’s Day, see link

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