How To Make Petal Boxes

This is the first post of our daily craft tutorials for National Crafting Month

These cute little easy petal boxes are perfect for hiding Easter candy and treasures in!  They are so simple that in about an hours time you can easily make a dozen of them.  The only tricky part is to follow the directions on placing the ribbon.  If you don’t you will be trying to get them petals to lay right until you finally come and read the directions.  Other than that this little craft takes all of 5 minutes and costs less than $1.00 to make.


  • Card Stock Paper – I prefer double sided printed Jillie Bean Papers for this
  • 5 to 7 inches of coordinating ribbon
  • A hole punch
  • Template
  • Optional Embellishments for the front

Step One – Lay the pattern on your paper and cut it out

Step Two- Fold and crease each Petal upwards to make a square bottom

Step Three- Hole punch the top of each petal

Step Four – Line up the holes on three petals and pull ribbon through

Step Five – Gather both ends of the ribbon and pull them together through the fourth petal

Step Six – Tie ribbon and Embellish as desired

Yup that’s it… So Simple and super cute.  The next time you need to wrap something in a hurry just pull out a piece of paper and make one of these cuties!  These would look so cute in an Easter Basket or used as favors for a party or Wedding.



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