Holiday Decoration Organization {Organization Challenge Day 22}

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Today we will be working on Holiday Decoration Organization: something I think will come in very handy in the next couple months. (and now too!). Not only is Halloween right around the corner, but we have Thanksgiving coming up and then Christmas and New Years. So many exciting things to look forward too right? But also there is all the decorating, and then the putting away of the decorations. The not so fun part of it all! Here are some tips that will help you get all your decorations in order so hopefully the task of putting it all away won’t be so daunting.

1. Bins bins bins!! Once again bins are our friend. I love that during the various seasons, you can buy specially colored bins at places like Walmart. Of course you don’t have to too buy the colored ones, but yes I did get suckered into it. I do find it much easier to grab the red and green bins that I know have all the Christmas stuff in them. However, it’s just as easy to stick a big label on any bin that says “Christmas”. 🙂

2. I store all our decorations in the bins on metal shelving racks in our laundry room/basement. All Christmas stuff is together in several bins, then I have a bin just for Halloween, 1 just for Easter, etc.

3. To keep strings of lights from getting tangles wrap them around a spool or empty paper towel roll.

4. Store all wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, tape and tags together. You can buy special extra long boxes and bins to accomodate the long rolls of paper. These can even be stored under a bed.

5. Have a look at our pinterest gallery for some great storage ideas for decorations.

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