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In preparation of welcoming my little one in only a few months (wow, where does the time go?), I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research on the best healthiest things for babies. First off, my husband and I have decided to go the cloth diaper route, for a few reasons. The most important one of course is that it’s better for both the baby and the environment. Less waste (I hate to think of how much of a landfill is taken up with disposable diapers – yuck!), better for the baby’s skin, and another big factor: cost. Yes cloth diapers are a bit of an investment at the beginning, but overall, I read that you save thousands in diaper bills. THOUSANDS. Um, yes please!! I can think of many many ways to use a couple extra thousand dollars over the next few years that would otherwise be going to Proctor and Gamble for their diapers. On the same wavelength as cloth diapers, what about cloth wipes? I actually hadn’t thought of that until I came across an etsy shop selling them. Fabulous idea! Since we’ll already be doing lots of laundry with those diapers, why not save more money (from disposable wipes) and use cloth ones? Brilliant. Now onto soap and cleansing products for baby. I’ve heard that the traditional baby shampoos and whatnots that are sold in pharmacies and supermarkets (not naming any names here) are actually not good for baby’s skin at all. Doesn’t surprise me. So I set out to find the most gentle and natural products and I came across some great ones I want to try. We already try to use the most natural products in our home, for our selves and for the sakes of our animals. I only buy items that are not tested on animals and that are environmentally friendly. So naturally I want to stick with that when I buy products for our baby.

Here are some of my favorite new products that I recommend:

Cloth Diapers from FashionBums Shop.  Be sure to check out her fabulous shop for lots of great fabric choices, and she also has cloth wipes too!

Lightweight Cotton Gauze Baby Wraps from lilpeeperkeepers. Her fantastic shop is filled with wraps of all different styles and colors and the greatest thing is that they work from newborns to toddlers!

Baby Wash Cloths 100% Cotton from Meshell609. These are a must have! You’ll want to go browse in this shop for all the other wonderful hand made baby items: ponchos, booties, sweaters, blankets – just gorgeous!

California Baby Products  I have actually come across these in a couple stores in the past but it wasn’t until I sat down and really did a lot of research before I realized how amazing this line of products are. They are completely safe, natural, and they do not test on animals. Woo! You can buy them online on their website or a number of other websites as well actually. The best thing is that they are also carried in a variety of stores you may have locally such as Target, Whole Foods and Babies R Us. They have products for the whole family and the home as well so I’m excited to pick some up next time I’m at Target!

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  1. Yay for going cloth! I have lots of friends that have.. if you need more info.. I do a lot of natural stuff also.. organic.. 😉 and yay for baby wearing!

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