Mother’s Day Mommy Makeover ~ Groupon Style

I am purely putting this post together for completely selfish reasons…. Oh Honey…. Dear… Patrick …. You better be paying attention….

I did a post on my site awhile back about getting my Pre-Baby Body Back – and while I haven’t been terribly successful at it, I have decided I want a partial Mommy Makeover –

aunestyYou see, I would love to get a little work done after these last two babies.  With the first four I was able to get back into shape, but they were natural child births.  These last two well Carson was an emergency c-section after 12 hours of labor, and Courtney was a planned c-section 15 months later.  Oh and 5 months after having Courtney, I had another surgery that required several two inch long incisions in my abdomen, for a total of 13 incision scars.  So three surgeries in 20 months, plus two full term pregnancies in that time, yeah I want some work done to help me get back to the before….

While I know I am eventually going to need a tummy tuck to get rid of that little fold of skin above my section scar, I know I can help get some of my stomach back in shape with working out more.  Getting the girls lifted would be nice too, but since I am naturally a D to a DD, I know that lifting them will only help for so long.  But more than any of this, I know that any cosmetic surgery is not in my near future or even in my distant future, so I scoured Groupon for ways to get a mommy makeover for the things that I can do now that will make an overall difference.

First and foremost – Hair Removal – Now my daughters, Angel and Becca, and I have discussed this one for years.  To not have to shave everyday would be a lifelong gift.  We have looked at several at home options, but honestly, I don’t trust any of them.  I would rather go in to a specialist, let them do all the work and let me forever be hair free.  Because each of the hair removal places are only good for new patients and one treatment area, then I would suggest that my hubby get me more than one of these, for example, let’s say each of these Groupons:

And if he is really feeling generous:  Hair Removal Large Area $299 – Full Legs – Sanctuary Salon & Day Spa

Next let’s work on all over body – Body Wraps, Cellulite Removal, Fitness Classes – I am all for any sort of instant gratification when it comes to getting my body back, but I also understand that in order for it to stick, I need to help it out.  So I figure a few instant gratification Groupons mixed in with some long term help would be the most beneficial body transformation setup.  My Picks:

Finally – It’s time for some pampering – A facial, a massage, hair-do and a mani-pedi are essential in completing the Mommy makeover. Now if your hubby wants to be a dream boat, he should purchase the facial and the mani-pedi for you and a friend, so you can have a mommy day/girls day of it.

Of course all the Groupon’s I have selected are for the Orlando area, because that is where I am from, and after all I am hoping that my tough, rugged, handsome and charming hubby will read this post…..

If you follow this link to Groupon – you will find the specials in your area.  If you need some help putting together the perfect Mother’s Day Mommy Makeover Package, just comment below and I will gladly gather the links you need for your area. – – Coming Soon, the Father’s Day Package ~Groupon Style, because daddy’s need a little pampering too.


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