Starting my Cricut Cartridge Collection

The list of Cricut Cartridges I want to purchase seems to be a little out of hand.  They are all so cute and I can think projects for each of them.  How does one decided which cartridges to get and which ones to wait on?

I am trying to remember that there are only a few life events in the coming months that I will need my Cricut for – – -two of my children are graduating high school, my oldest son is leaving for the Army, the babies will be 1 and 2, the family reunion – – and to only purchase cartridges that will work for these occasions.

yet the list of Cricut Cartridges keeps getting longer and longer… Are there cartridges that any of you recommend?  that are you absolute must haves?  please share and save me some money – – I know my husband would appreciate it if I don’t buy everyone of these on my list.

So here goes – Most of these can be found on the Provo Craft Amazon Store

My Cricut Cartridge Wish List:

The Wild Card Cricut Cartridge for $23.09 on Amazon

I think this one would be cute to use for the family reunion and graduation (the wise owl?)…

It is sitting in my cart right now… I may action the purchase later today….





Storybook Cricut Cartridge for $38.84  plus free super saver shipping

Ok this one is purely because it is so cute!  I keep imagining all the things I can make with it for Courtney.

Is it practical?  Who owns this one, What do you use it for?  Worth it?


Once Upon a Princess Cricut Cartridge – $26.48 in Amazon

Again with SO CUTE!  I just love this one, but I am not sure what I have coming up that would justify my need for it.

I think this one is on my absolutely must pick up on day list.



Elegant Edges Cartridge – $37.49

I think this is a must have because there are just so many practical uses for these cut outs.

From bag toppers, to ever party, to invitations and labels for the kitchen.  Whose got this one?  What do you use it for?  Share pictures?????


baby Steps Cricut Cartridge

Baby Steps Cricut Cartridge – $40.77

As the most expensive one on my list right now, I am not sure I need it enough to justify it.  I think it would be great for scrapbooking, but not sure for what else I would use it for at this point.

Maybe birthday parties for the two babies… but I think those will be themed, so not sure this work for that either….

Well these are the main ones on my list, mind you I do have a whole set Disney Cricut cartridges I am looking at as well.  But that is a different post for a later time.  I need figure out a project or a need for them in order to justify the purchase. I am sure I missed a few that I must have, please let me know which cartridges you started with, why and do you recommend I do the same thing.  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Starting my Cricut Cartridge Collection

    1. Hi!!!!! You can call me a Cricut fan. I have quite a collection. For a beginner I would recommend at least one font. My favourite is Storybook. My other must have cartridge is Potpourri…..a collection of the top images from many cartridges. I think that it has been replaced with “The Best of…” collection. They give you a little bit of everything. Elegant Edges is also a must for cutting the fancy edge paper that is costly in the stores. I have just purchased Everyday Pop-ups and am looking forward to trying that out. There are many, many awesome choices . You will have fun no matter which ones you choose 🙂

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