Underwear – The Foundation of the Perfect Outfit!

Your underwear can really make or break your fashion choices for two reasons. Firstly, it can cause you to be uncomfortable which in turn knocks your confidence. Secondly, certain types of garments require certain types of underwear. If you choose the right underwear then you have a solid foundation for a fantastic outfit!

A staggeringly high percentage of women wear the wrong sized bra. This can cause you to overspill the cup and be left with unsightly strap marks. 37% of women admit to not even trying a bra on before they buy it! If you have a new dress or top that you need to find a new bra for then make sure you take it with you when you go underwear shopping. A bra that works with your plain white t-shirt will not necessary look great with a plunge neckline dress or halter top. Another way of ensuring bra success is to be properly assessed and measured in your local lingerie department. This will allow you to ascertain your exact size and the assistant may be able to help you pick the perfect bra out!

Infographic courtesy of Lorna Drew

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