Food Storage Made Easy

Creating an emergency backup of food is important. Most of us know this, but many of us don’t bother. Why? Often people see such a task as difficult, expensive, time-consuming, and not worth the effort. But when you consider that multiple government sources such as FEMA and the CDC recommend storing at least three days’ worth of food, water, and emergency supplies for each person in a household, perhaps it is time to take such a suggestion seriously. We do not know what kind of emergency might strike that will cause a household to need a supply of food, but even if it is something as common as a storm or a blackout, wouldn’t you like to know that you and your family are prepared? And it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. Read on for some advice on food storage made easy.


Now you might be thinking “that’s all very well, but there are six people in my family – that’s a lot of money!” And you might be right. Three meals a day for six people, plus snacks, as well as a gallon of water per person per day (as recommended), and any supplies for pets; that all adds up to a lot of food, and a lot of money spent. But that does not have to mean that you go without. There are plenty of ways to save money on food storage. The first is to remember that you do not have to do everything at once. You can build up your food storage gradually over time, which will be much kinder on your wallet. Every time you go to the store, grab double of a few of your items, and eventually you store will build up while you only spend a couple of extra dollars a week. Also keep an eye on discounted items that you can store long term, and buy them when you can. Buying in bulk can also save you money, but make sure that it will actually work out to be cheaper than buying the regular quantity.


So maybe the money isn’t the issue for you. Perhaps you want to make the investment in survival food, but you just don’t have the time to put together a whole store. The good news is that it doesn’t have to take up any time at all if you don’t let it. When you put your store together gradually you are not only saving money, but time. This allows you to create a full emergency food supply, using your regular shopping trips to do so. You can also go to food storage specialists who will put together and ship a food store for you, taking every chore completely out of your hands.


Creating a food supply doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. FEMA has created to help people be prepared and give suggestions for the kinds of things any survival kit might need to include. You can create a food store with little to no difference to your regular routine, and you can store it easily anywhere in your home, such as under beds, in end tables, or anywhere else you might have space. If you are concerned about space, you can also look into food storage specialists who will provide you with shelving or other tools to help you to store your supplies. Now that you know how important, cheap, fast , and easy it is to create emergency food storage, there really is no excuse not to do it.

About the Author: Lee Flynn is a freelance writer and expert in survival techniques and outdoor resourcefulness.

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