Tutorial on Making a Necklace from Champagne and Wine Corks


With all the Wine and Champagne Corks I got for free from Walt Disney World’s Epcot France Pavilion I decided to come up with some stuff to make with them, and I started thinking about the times in my life when I had Champagne.  And how all those time were around celebrations.  I also got to thinking how I used to save the corks because I wanted to remember that day, or that moment, but as life moved on, I always ended up tossing them, because there really wasn’t any one way to keep a cork or two.

Well when looking at these Champagne corks I realized how I could have saved those memories all these years.  How I could have built up a collection of charms built on those special moments in life.

What better way to forever keep a memento of a special moment then to make a necklace or charm out of it?  Imagine a necklace with the cork from the Champagne bottle from your wedding day.

It literally takes less than 2 minutes to make one of these cork necklaces.  So let’s get to it:

IMG_8421Materials – Corks, Pinch Bails (*Optional – Sharpie & Mod Podge)

Step One – Cut about a 1/4 of an inch of the Cork off

IMG_8424 IMG_8423

Step Two – Open Pinch Bail, Put Cork in open space.  Pinch Closed

IMG_8425 IMG_8427

Optional Steps:

Step Three – Write with Sharpie on the back the date or event that you want to remember


Step Four – Mod Podge the top and bottom of cork, starting with one side and waiting for it to dry before doing the other side.


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