Cute Paper Punches Paper Clips for Bookmarks

National Crafting Month Day 3 Craft Tutorial –

I use large paper clips for everything!  Hold coupons together, marking my place in books or magazines and closing chip bags.  So not too long ago I decided to start playing with a few cute easy designs for making my paper clips cuter.  These are what I came up with.

How to make:


  • paper clips
  • paper or paint chips
  • paper punch of your choice
  • Ribbon
  • adhesive

Step One:  Punch your designs out of your paper or paint chips

Step Two: If you using ribbon, determine how long you want it and cut it

Step Three: Attach Front piece and ribbon to Paper Clip (I use my hot glue gun for this)

Step Four: Attach back piece and Done

Now you can really do some cute ones by using a 1/4″ round paper punch and attaching scrapbooking embellishments or paper flowers to them.  I would love to see you did, please share over on the forum


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