Cocktails for the Adult Halloween Party – Fireball Time

For some reason when I think of Halloween drinks, I immediately go to a place of cinnamon, so when coming up with a couple of drinks for a recent Halloween get together, I decided on two Fireball Whiskey drinks.  One hot and one cold.  Both drinks are incredibly easy to make, and are both quite tasty.


Cinnamon Cider

This drink is meant to be served hot, and really does taste much better when hot.  Although warm and cool, it still tastes fine.  Heat up your favorite Apple Cider in a pot on the stove.  Ladle into your serving cups.  I used the Black Patterned Wine Glasses from Oriental Trading Company.  As they both look great on a Halloween Table and I don’t have to worry about anything breaking.  Next, add your Fireball Shots to Test Tubes, place in cups with the hot apple cider.  It heats the fireball nicely while waiting to be mixed together.  For my test tubes, I was able to find them at the Dollar Store, but I only needed 6, if I had needed more I would have ordered the Test Tubes from Oriental Trading Company, where you get 20 with lids and stands for $17

Mad-eye Surprise


To make this drink properly, you need to start a couple of days before your party.  You will need:


  • One jar of Cherries
  • Fireball Whiskey
  • Gingerale
  • Grenadine or Juice from Cherries
  • Plastic Syringes

Take Cherries out of juice and put in jar and pour fireball over them.  Cover jar, store in fridge until ready to use. 

Mix equal parts Fireball and Gingerale.  Pour over 4 – 6 Fireball infused Cherries. Using either Grenadine, Cherry juice or even another shot of Fireball Whiskey, fill plastic syringe and place in drink for guest to mix.

Or for those who want their drink on the rocks…. let them have it with Skulls and Crossbones with the Skull and Crossbone Ice Cubes that you can make with the Skull and Crossbone Ice Cube Trays.

See the entire Halloween Tablescape and Recipe for Creamed Brain Dip to serve with your Halloween Cocktails.

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