Recipes for Baby Safe Finger Paints


My baby loves to get messy (I think most babies do right?) and she always has a blast finger painting with her food – yogurt and purees all over her highchair, her face, in her hair, etc. So I figured she would LOVE  to get down on the floor with a huge piece of paper and go to town with some actual paints. I searched around for a safe paint and found a whole bunch of awesome recipes! Take your pick 🙂

Check out our Finger Paint Pinterest board for lots of great recipes and ideas!


3 thoughts on “Recipes for Baby Safe Finger Paints

  1. not able to get to the pinterest link for the baby-safe finger paints. Was it removed?

      1. still getting that error message when I click on your link above, but when I search Pinterest for “baby safe finger paints” I find plenty. Not sure what the issue is with me and that link, but there’s almost always work-arounds, thankfully.

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