Pillow Box Tutorial

Pillow box  Tutorial.  This would be perfect to give as a birthday gift or to that special teacher as a thank you gift. : ) It’s just the right size to slip a gift card into.


You will need:

– 1 sheet patterened paper, cardstock weight

– bone folder

– adhesive

– pillowbox template. (there are lots of them online – do a google search under images)


1. Cut out your pillowbox template and trace it onto your patterned paper


2. Cut the pillowbox shape out of the patterned paper.


3. Lay the template on top of the patterned paper cut out and trace the lines with a bone folder. Press hard.


4. Fold along all the lines, press with bone folder if needed


5. Carefully fold in the side flaps, this can be a little tricky


6. Glue the small flap to the inside of the box


7. Fold sides in on both sides and your box is complete!


Add some ribbon, embellishments and a tag and it’s ready to give as a gift.

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