DIY Wrapping Paper (Using a Resist Technique)

I love adding a little homemade touch to gifts even if the gift itself isn’t homemade. Besides making your own gift tags, you can also easily make your own wrapping paper. Did you catch that word I just said: EASILY. Yep, this is so simple and it turns out so wonderfully, add a little twine and the end result looks like you spent way more time making it then you actually did!

diypaper copy


What you’ll need:

Wax candles (I got this box of emergency candles from the dollar store)

Acrylic paint and foam brushes

Paper: I used both brown kraft paper and regular kids giant floor pad paper

Paper plates (to mix your paint on)

Craft mat (to protect the surface you’re working on)


1. I found the easiest way to mix my paints was to use paper plates. It makes for such an easy clean up too! Choose the color of paints you want to use and squirt some onto a clean paper plate. Add some water to thin the paint – how much you add depends on how dark you’d like your paint to be. I wanted mine to look more like a wash so I added a little more than equal parts water to paint.


2. Using one of your candles, draw or doodle some designs all over your sheet of paper.


3. Once you have completed all the drawing you want to do, start painting over the entire sheet of paper. The wax will resist the paint and your designs will show through.


Once finished, hang your paper to dry. I let mine dry about 2 hours before I used it but depending on the temperature in your house, it will most likely dry quicker than that.

Have fun! This is a great project to involve kids in as well!



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