Up-Cycle Old Cereal Boxes into Christmas Tree Ornaments

Again, we are making every ornament for our Christmas tree this year by hand, since everything is still in storage back in Omaha.  So I was getting ready to throw out some cereal boxes and was like, hmmm I wonder what I can make from this….and came up with this fun little hanging ornament.


It was really quite simple.  I took out my Martha Stewart Scoring Board, put one side of the cereal box on it, and scored every half inch.  I don’t have a paper cutter here in Orlando, storage in Omaha…, so this was the way I made sure that my cuts were going to be uniform in size.  Then I cut all my strips out on the scored lines:

IMG_1217 IMG_1218 IMG_1219 IMG_1220

After they were all cut out, I grabbed my hole punch and punched holes in the top and bottom of each strip.  Next I grabbed a ribbon and knotted one end and threaded it through several of my strips.

IMG_1221 IMG_1222 IMG_1223

Next thread the other end of the ribbon through the punched holes at the bottom of each strip, pull your ribbon until you get the arch you want in your cereal box strips.  Then knot.

IMG_1224 IMG_1226 IMG_1231

Now that you have a nice arch, start pulling your strips around to create the shape you want for your piece. If you want to make a pumpkin for fall or Halloween decoration, just pull them around, spray paint orange and add embellishments. Have fun it and be sure to share what you make!

IMG_1232 IMG_1235 IMG_1246

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