Elf on a Shelf Gift Guide

Elf on the Shelf Gift Guide #Christmas #ElfontheShelfI know these little Elf on a Shelf creatures are tradition for so many families, and to be honest, until last year, I had never heard of it.  I wish someone would have purchased us the set as a gift years ago so I could have done it with my older children.  But now that I have my two younger ones, I am thinking that next year we will start doing the Elf on the Shelf as a family Christmas tradition.  After all I love traditions and this looks like something that Carson and Courtney would get a kick out of! (and be able to understand next year)

I have seen so many variations of how to make your little elf be mischievous, but I really love the elves who are being good, I think we may try something like two elves… One who does random acts of kindness for family members overnight and one who makes messes overnight… Just a thought… anyway….

So while looking at the various Elf on a Shelf information and products on Amazon, I decided to go ahead and share this little Elf on a Shelf Gift Guide with everyone, in case you are looking for a gift for a young family, or are wanting to start a new tradition in your family.

You can also DOWNLOAD a copy of the Elf on the Shelf Gift Guide

Elf on the Shelf : A Christmas Tradition Brown Eyed Girl Elf Plus Bonus Official “An Elf’s Story – Chippey’s Great Adventure” Storybook $32.95

Includes storybook, elf and  “An Elf’s Story – Chippey’s Great Adventure” book

A Christmas Tradition with North Pole Blue Eyed Boy Elf, with Bonus An Elf Story DVD $39.95

Includes storybook, elf and DVD

An Elf’s Story DVD $7.99

The Elf on the Shelf Advent Calendar $8.99r

The Elf on the Shelf: Plushee Pals 19 Inch Elf Light Skin Girl $12.50


The Elf on the shelf Girl Plushee Pal – Dark $12.95

 Elf on the Shelf Claus Couture Collection Game Day Jersey $6.95

 The Elf on the Shelf : The Claus Couture Elf Snowflake Skirt $13.95

Elf on the Shelf: Claus Couture Collection Tutu Skirt, Special Edition $7.77

Elf on the Shelf Claus Couture Collection Chef Apron Set $19.15

Includes chef hat and apron for elf and child and a bonus cookie cutter

Elf on The Shelf Pal Size Floor Puzzle $10.72


Elf on The Shelf: Hide and Seek Game $17.50

ELF: OFF the Shelf Book or Kindle $9.77


The Elf off the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition Gone Bad $11.57


Elf on the Shelf:  Ultimate Christmas Creativity Book $12.79


Elf on the Shelf A Birthday Tradition $19.95Includes book and Birthday Outfit for elf


Elf on the Shelf: An Elf’s Story Sound Book $13.87


The Elf on a Shelf: In a Velvet Bag  $7.08

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