Breakfast Pizza ~ Simple and Delicious!

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I love breakfast, and not just in the morning either. I am the type of person who will eat breakfast for brunch, lunch and dinner. So I am always trying to come up with new meals that are centered around breakfast staples. You know, potatoes, eggs and bacon. The easier the better, because after all I have two preschoolers and a life.breakfast-pizza

I typically look for easy to cook, natural and fresh items at the store. You know the foods that take a few steps away from cooking a meal, yet also aren’t the processed no taste things either. So when the opportunity to create a recipe for Simply Potatoes came up, I was thrilled. You see, I all ready purchase Simply Potatoes, I use them at least twice a week and have for the last year. Easy to prepare and have on hand – no peeling/shredding required and made with real ingredients. The price point is perfect, seriously for me, at WalMart right now, I can get the hash browns for under $2.00, that is a no brainer as far as I am concerned and they are fresh, never frozen! (Located in the refrigerated dairy section) If you haven’t made potato salad with shredded hash browns, you are seriously missing out! But that is a different post.

I have this recipe I made up for a breakfast casserole years ago that I make on special occasions. I have always felt it was missing one key ingredient, sausage gravy. So thinking about that casserole, I came up with a breakfast pizza, with a hash brown crust and gravy for the sauce. Yup, it was a winner! So here you go, my easy breakfast pizza recipe for us Simply Potatoes Breakfast Lovers.

If you want to try this recipe out, or your own Simply Potatoes recipe, be sure to leave a comment to this post and you can win a month’s worth Simply Potatoes Coupons.


  • 1 package of Simply Potatoes Southwest Style Hash Browns
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 a package of bacon
  • 1 pound of breakfast sausage
  • 1/4 cup of flour
  • 2 to 3 cups of milk
  • salt and pepper to taste

Cut bacon in pieces and start cooking them up

While bacon is cooking, beat four eggs. Add Salt and Pepper to taste

After eggs are beaten, mix in Simply Potatoes (I sometimes microwave them, in the bag for a minute or two)

Spread eggs and potatoes on sprayed pizza pan, place in oven at 375 degrees for 20 minutes

While the potato crust is cooking, finish your bacon bits. Get them nice and brown. Once cooked place bits on towel to drain. Do NOT drain the bacon grease out of the pan.

Cook breakfast sausage in bacon grease, smashing it up to get it all crumbly.

Once sausage is cooked all the way through and nice and brown. Add your flour to make your gravy rue. You want it to be a pasty consistency.

After your rue has cooked for roughly 5 – 10 minutes, slowly whisk in your milk until your gravy is at the consistency you would like. Remove from heat.

Take crust out of Oven. Pour gravy over crust and spread around evenly.

Next sprinkle cheese over top and top with bacon bits. Place in oven for 15 minutes.

Take out and eat

You can find more breakfast recipes on the Simply Potatoes on Pinterest

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