Make Your Own Coffee Creamer – Not Worth It

So I saw the pins about making your own coffee creamer, and of course I had to try it.  You see we are major coffee drinkers in this house. Between my husband, my daughter and myself we go through at least one and half pots of coffee a day.  But what makes it worse, I literally use way too much creamer in my coffee.  We go through at least two of the largest sizes Coffeemate Creamers a week.  Yes that much!


Well, I saw pin after pin about making your coffee creamer and got sucked in. I mean, it sounds like you would save money and really it had to be delicious because everything you find on Pinterest is delicious and perfect…(note sarcasm…).

So after searching for the recipe I wanted to try, and going to the store to purchase the items to make it.  I don’t keep sweetened condensed milk or heavy cream in my home except around Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I am curious to know who does though.  I mean why and what do you use it for that you need to keep it year round?… but I digress…

The Recipe:

  • 14oz Sweetened Condensed Milk (One Can)
  • 1 and 3/4 cups of heavy cream (or milk, half and half….)
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla

Mix it all up.

OK that sounds simple…


So I mix it all up,and the first I noticed.  It doesn’t make much.  Like at ALL.  For the cost of Heavy Cream, One Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk and Two Teaspoons of Pure Vanilla Extract, I could have purchased One of my Coffee mate LARGE bottles, and this recipe made roughly 3 cups of creamer.


The next thing I noticed, the color.  It was a beige color.  Now I am fine with the color being off, but I guess I was expecting a little lighter than what it was.


Ok so it may be a weird color, and I am now starting to doubt this idea, but hey I made it, so I poor myself a cup of coffee.  I add my one ice cube (because I like my coffee drinkable and not burning hot), then poor in my new beige colored creamer.

The taste is eh.  I like my creamer to be thick and creamy.  I am not a fan of International Delight creamers because to me they are too watery.  I would rather skip it all together than have runny creamer.  My favorite brand is and always has been Coffee-mate.  This was thicker than Coffee-mate and my first thought was well if I add a little bit of whole milk I could thin it down just bit and it won’t be so sweet and sticky and it will give me more than this 1/3 of a bottle amount.

So that’s what I did, I added milk to it, and it didn’t have that sweet taste.  Now I am thinking if I double the recipe, add in 2 cups of whole milk and one more can of sweetened condensed milk then it should be a decent consistency and that may help with the taste.


IMG_1184It did help to give me more creamer yes, but now it was more like International Delight  than Coffee-mate.  Which disappointed me.  It was also really sweet and when your cup of coffee sits for a few minutes, it gets a weird film over the top.  Yeah my Coffee-mate doesn’t do that.

So Pinterest, I am going to pass on this recipe in the future, and stick with buying my coffee creamer.  I mean really why pay more for sub standard home made coffee creamer?  So not worth it.

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