Peanut Butter & Banana “Sushi” {Toddler Snack} Recipe

  With a toddler who is becoming more picky as the days go by, I have been experimenting with new snacks and ideas. This Peanut Butter & Banana "Sushi" has been a big hit with my daughter … [Read more...]

Secret Millionaires Club ~ Warren Buffet Teaching Kids to Invest and Save

This is considered a #sponsored post as I was provided a free copy of the series on DVD to review. All opinions are always my own. This is disclosed in regulation with FTC 16 CFR part 255 Guides to … [Read more...]

The Pocket Mommy Giveaway from Random House

I remember the first day of school for each of my children.  How excited and scared they were.  I wish I would have had this book for them way back when. Now, I want this book for Carson and … [Read more...]

Recipes for Baby Safe Finger Paints

My baby loves to get messy (I think most babies do right?) and she always has a blast finger painting with her food - yogurt and purees all over her highchair, her face, in her hair, etc. So I figured … [Read more...]

A Letter to My Daughters – A Man Worthy of You

Dear Daughters, I have made several mistakes as a woman, wife and mother and like any other mother, I don't want to see you go through the hurts I have.  To have to learn the lessons the hard way.  … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Organic Baby Food – On a Budget

It's really important to me that my baby only eats Organic foods for the time being, and those little pouches of food from the grocery store can sure get expensive. BUT you can feed your baby organic … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Make your own cloth baby wipes

My latest obsession is cloth diapers. Wow, can those things get addicting! I've done so much reading up on them and the various kinds so I started slowly buying some for our stash over a month ago. I … [Read more...]

Baby on the Go

Since I'm going to be having a summer baby, I cannot imagine myself wanting to sit in the house all day long. I'm going to want to be out walking on a nice day or going somewhere at least just to get … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Baby

Just a few months to go, and as usual, I seem to be leaving things to the last minute. However, we have been getting little things here and there and we have quite the wardrobe already for our little … [Read more...]

Better For Baby

In preparation of welcoming my little one in only a few months (wow, where does the time go?), I've been doing a lot of reading and research on the best healthiest things for babies. First off, my … [Read more...]