Pillowcase Dresses – Inspirations and Patterns

I just love Pillowcase Dresses!  On Babies and on Toddlers that is… I am not too sure my 16 year old or 19 year old would look nearly as cute as my 12 week old in one of these.  But I know my Becca, 16 year old and my Angel, 19 year old, will help me sew a few of these for our Courtney, 12 week old.

FREE Pillowcase Dress Pattern & Inspiration

I can tell you that the first time I heard someone say Pillowcase dress, I immediately thought of old pillowcase that arm and neck holes were cut into.  Yeah my vision was NOT so cute.  I was like, I am all for upcycling, but I am not dressing my baby girl like a hobo!  Boy was I ever wrong!  Some of these dresses are so cute!  I have found that as long as you have the right mixe of fabrics and embellishments then these little dresses are positively adorable!

Here are a few (ok more than a few, these are just so cute!) examples to help inspire you as well as a few patterns I recommend. If you have a better pattern or have made a pillowcase dress, please share!

Pillowcase Dress Patterns and Tutorials –

Simplicity has a great pillowcase dress pattern that you can purchase as well:

 Simplicity sewing pattern 2383: Toddlers Dresses size A (1/2-1-2-3-4)I love that this pattern comes with a hat pattern as well… talk about cute!  But Courtney is still too young for these type of hats… But if anyone makes one of these, you have to share pictures!


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