This is a for-profit blog. That pretty much means that we sell adspace on this blog.

This blog is being run by moms who want nothing more than to be full time stay at home mommies.  While we live frugally we still have expenses.  So we decided to take our hobbies to the web and share what we do and who we are with you.

We will always be transparent with you our readers.

We will: Only offer genuine reviews for companies that we think can offer something of substance to our readers.  We turn down many more review/giveaway offers than we accept in an effort to only offer high quality, honest reviews and giveaways here.

We will: be transparent about when we use an affiliate/referral link to endorse a product that we love. That means that sometimes when you click on a link and purchase a product we recommend, we might get some credit or make  few cents.

We do:  Accept Sponsored Reviews – but we do not guarantee a positive review, only an honest review.

We do:  Use sponsored products in our tutorials and posts.

If you have questions or concerns, please write us at info @ so we can be of assistance to you.

Thank you for reading our blog and being a member of our community.

Guest Author Publishing Rights

Once you have submitted an article for publication on Homeketeers, you have granted permission for Homeketeers and all properties within the WeScrap/Homeketeers network permission to use all content and images of the original post. All Articles are reviewed by the Editorial department and once submitted subject to all the terms and conditions of

Q: Does Homeketeers accept article contributions that have been, or will be, published elsewhere?

A: No.  Guest articles must be original content that are not published elsewhere.

Q: Can I republish or reproduce my article after publication on the site?

A:  Article contributions cannot be republished or reproduced after publication.  Homeketeers is granted all publishing rights to submitted articles and guest authors are not permitted to republish article contributions unless special, written permission is granted, according to this site’s Terms of Service.

Q: Can I edit my post after publishing?

A:  The short answer is No, once an Admin has approved your article and images, the post is not to be edited without the prior written consent of an Admin on Homeketeers.  No modifications shall be made without express written approval.  To request an edit on a published article, please submit an email to

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