Homeketeers is the outlet for two woman who love Disney, crafts, cooking and family.  Many think our name is weird and don’t immediately see the connection with Disney, but we love it.  Because after all we have graduated from being members of Mickey’s Clubhouse, to being Moms  of our own Mouseketeers.

While you will primarily see most of the articles on Homeketeers are from Jess and Aunesty, occasionally we have a guest author.  We don’t take guest authorship lightly either.  We get many submissions weekly, and 99% of those articles don’t ever pass through to you, our readers.  If you ever want to submit a project or an article for consideration, please send it to submissions@homeketeers.com for review.

Now a little more about us:

jessJessica Acs is a published author, Outstanding Mini Albums, a mom, a business owner, and diy craft junkie who loves the feeling of accomplishment when a project is complete.

I am inspired by so many things. I find inspiration everywhere and sometimes where I least expect it. I hope I can inspire other women to try new ways to be creative and to do things they didn’t think they were capable of.”

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aunestyAunesty Janssen is a blogger, Disney Travel Agent, a mom, a business owner and diy junkie who loves to craft, cook, sew and garden.

I am inspired by miracles, watching what God can do through doors no one ever saw inspires me to watch for the best in every day.  I hope to inspire other woman to go for their dreams, even if your dream changes along the way, the road to getting there is paved with memories, laughter, tears and love.

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