Free Printables for Scrapbooking

With so many awesome resources out there to help inspire one for scrapbooking, how great is it that there are FREE printables out there too? I love traditional scrapbooking – you know, good old paper and scissors. Don’t get me wrong, I think digital scrapbooking is amazing and beautiful but I haven’t yet had time to sit down and learn how to do it. Therefore, I still haul out all my  paper, embellishments, photos and tools when I want to get to work. That’s plenty ok with me though, I love the tangible aspects of it all. It’s such a treat when I come across wonderful printables on the web that I can add into my pages or mini albums. So here are some of my favorites, enjoy!


1. Library, Graph and Note Cards

2. Journal Cards Set

3. Cute Homegrown Hospitality printables

4. Kraft paper journal cards

5. Manilla Tags

6. Variety of printables

7. Food & Gift labels

8. Bunting art

9. Vintage dresses

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