Easter Egg Recycling – The Incredible Unedible Egg

Every Easter my children collect plastic eggs at church, grandparents' houses, school, and home.  Normally, I opt to throw them away after a week of picking up half pieces (or broken pieces) of … [Read more...]

10 Pregnancy Must Have’s for the 1st Trimester

Since I'm just about out of the first trimester, I thought I'd share the top 10 things I felt were must have's for me during my first few months of pregnancy. This is also my first pregnancy and … [Read more...]

Fun Stuff For Toddlers

Keeping my little man busy with new and imaginative ideas isn't always the easiest task.  I love finding new ways to keep him entertained and if we can make playtime educational at the same time, then … [Read more...]

10 Breastfeeding Moms Must Haves

Ok so I included 11 instead of 10.  I have been nursing now for 18 months, I have an 18 month old and a 12 week old.  The 18 month old is not nursing any longer, but the baby is.  Both have been … [Read more...]

Clever and Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Cards & Gifts

My older kids are all passed the age of needing the Valentine's Day cards for their friends or classmates, and the babies are too little, but that doesn't stop me from stock piling ideas for when my … [Read more...]