Laura Kelly Walters ~ part 2

wwi-laura-kelly-waltersWe introduced Laura yesterday as our first ever, Women Who Inspire.  Today we are going to tell you a little more about Laura.  You see I was fortunate enough to get to do two interviews with her, and she is a kind loving woman.  While she has been successful in the arts and crafts world, she has also been successful in finding joy in her personal life.  For me, I believe that is the true combination that everyone strives for.

A little more about Laura:

Birthday: June 10, 1968

Family: Laura is married with 4 children


Dylan is my amazing 16 ½ year old, junior in high school.  He is in the Academy of Informational Technology, an avid longboarder and works at the ice cream shop.  Dawson is my curious 14 year old who is the captain of his school soccer team, a video gamer and a very picky eater.  Jordan is my 9 year old stepdaughter who is incredibly kind, creative, imaginative and witty.  Zoe is my 7 year old stepdaughter who is artistic, hilarious, adventurous and outgoing.”

Laura grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Frankfort, Kentucky as a teenager, but is currently a bi-state resident.  She lives between Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Apex, North Carolina.
She attended the University of Kentucky, where she earned her teaching degree.

Laura’s Professional Successes:

What was your first professional success? ~ “Sallie Mae First Year Teacher of the Year

 How did it happen? ~ “Lots of love and risk taking

What is your greatest professional achievement? ~ “Participating in the lives of others I have taught and/or mentored!  And of course, have my art licensed onto fabulous products to share happy fun with the world.

What one bit of advice would you give other women? ~ “Follow your heart.  Listen to your own happy thoughts.  Send the voices that get in your way out of your head and keep the ones that make you feel loveable, powerful and amazing.  Because you are!  Every girl is born with creative talents.  Some show up in art, cooking and music; some in organization and management skills.  Creativity looks lots of different ways.  Embrace your own creativity and use it to express and share yourself with others.”

Day three is tomorrow – and we will highlight Laura Kelly – Walter’s Work.

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