Super Cape for a Super Party Anyone? ~ Giveaway


Today’s Spring into Summer sponsor is Jeni Lynn Designs (her Etsy Shop ) So I LOVE her capes!  I can see Carson running around with one on and getting some great pictures.

She also makes a Car Wallet – which I also need for Carson, who insists on bringing a handful of cars with us where ever we go.

I could go on and on about all the things she makes and sells, but instead I am going to tell you how you could win a $15 gift card to her shop & FREE shipping on your order:

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6 thoughts on “Super Cape for a Super Party Anyone? ~ Giveaway

  1. When we were younger my dad took us camping in Michigan practically every weekend in the summer. It took about 4 hours to get there, and we would listen to The Eagles, Alabama, and music like that on the way there and back. Whenever I hear on of the songs from the trip I am immediately reminded of the great camping memories!

  2. my favorite car trip memory… stopping to see all the waterfalls between portland Ore and multnomah falls

  3. Favourite car trip memory: we caravanned with three cars of cousins to a family reunion when I was around 5yo, and we had so much fun running around, expending the pent up car trip energy at every rest stop we found, then swapping cars each stop to change up who you had to sit by!

  4. Our car trip to florida when my kids thought we were going to see their cousins in new jersey 😛
    They didn’t know until we arrived there (although my daughter noticed the licensed plates)

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