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as we continue with our Spring into Summer Series, today is sponsored by Little Bean Creations.

With two toddlers, I know all about the car seat issues.  Especially with Carson!  Well Little Bean Creations created a really great solution!


A Car Seat Footrest! – Now usually we would tell you how to make something for your child, but this time we suggest purchasing it.  Not because they are sponsoring today’s giveaway, but because when you are dealing with accessories to your child’s car seat you want to make sure that it will work securely and not be dangerous in the event of an accident.


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6 thoughts on “Little Bean Creations Giveaway

  1. favorite car trip memory…going down the old hwy from Portland Ore to Multnomah falls and seeing all the less popular but more glorious waterfalls it was amazing!

  2. I have so many! All of our vacations when I was a kid were in the car. We went to some really cool places like Mt Rushmore, Mesa Verde, Lake Powell….so many memories!

  3. What an awesome question. It triggered this flashback of memories – from childhood, trips w/friends and rides w/my DD – most recently while she’s learning to drive. There’s too many to pick just one to share. I need to remember this for a theme scrapbook!

  4. when we had our grand sons with us coming home from an Easter weekend away and the youngest was just going through his potty training and we had hit a spot where there was road construction and all the sudden he had to go, so we thought the should was safe as it was all graveled and we tried it and it seemed hard, so we pulled over and he got and and did his little business and as we went to pull out all the sudden went sunk in the mud up to our axels. So being little boys )2-1/2 and 3-1/2) they tell Papa to call “Mator” and even to this day they are 5 and 6 they still talk about being stuck in the mud and having to have Mator come and pull us out! The highlight to their weekend! And also if we are going somewhere and they see a mud puddle off the side of the rod they tell Papa not to get stuck in the mud!

  5. My husband and I drove from IL to Key West, and despite the intensity of that looooong drive, driving down the FL coast, listening to Jimmy Buffet on repeat, eating boiled peanuts, watching for roadkill alligators (seriously! wtf?), and smelling the sea…it was one of the best trips of my life!

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