Runway Project Brother XR9500 Sewing Machine

xr9500-sewing-machineI have been wanting a new sewing machine for 3 years or so now.  I have looked and looked and looked….. Well this year as a combined Mother’s Day/Birthday present I got one.  Again I hunted and hunted.  I wanted the best bang for my buck so to speak.

I made a list of things that were important to me, yes I was feature shopping:

  • Computerized
  • As many built in stitches as possible
  • Would be nice if it had at least one Alphabet built in
  • Larger table for quilting
  • Good Reviews

As you can see my list wasn’t long…. so after searching online for a solid few weeks, I finally decided on a Brother Runway Project series machine.  While I wold have loved to go with one the embroidery machines, that was not in the budget this year, so I kept going through all their machines and for about another week I bounced back and forth between two machines, before finally deciding on the XR9500.


First off, I feel like I stole it!  I ended up getting mine for under $200 shipped!  I am a member of Amazon Prime and Shoprunner, so that helped, but I was thrilled to find it on sale so cheaply!  At the time there was a $10 difference between Newegg and Amazon, but as of writing this, Newegg no longer carries it.

What I have discovered since using it.  I LOVE it!  It is so quiet!!!!!!  I know that is  a weird feature to bring up, but it is.  I can sew beside a sleeping toddler and he never stirs!  I have made a few dresses, a pair of pajamas and a few things for around the house now, and  each time I go to make something, I am reminded why I purchased this machine.  It is extremely USER friendly, the LED screen is easy to read, everything is computerized.  All it takes is a touch of a button to make things work.

I am working on more videos to show you how it works, and why I love Runway Project Brother XR9500 Sewing Machine, until then I highly recommend reading the reviews on the Amazon page, as well as reading my project tutorials so you can see how easily this machine is to handle.



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