Halloween Paper Bat Wall Art {Free printables}

Do you want to decorate for Halloween but want it to be simple and quick? I love the look of the paper bats on the wall and I fully intend to keep them up a little longer past Halloween (shhhh). 😉 This project was easy and pretty quick too and we have the bats for you to print out and everything (free printables! yay!)

This is what you will need:

Bats Printables (download here  & here for free)

Black cardstock paper

White cardstock paper

Removable Mounting Putty




1. Print out as many sheets of bats as you’d like. You have 2 options here. Print them all out on white cardstock and cut the bats out. Or, (this is what I did), cut out one sheet of bats and then use them as templates. Trace them onto black cardstock then cut those out. Either way works just as well.

2. Once you cut all your bats out, bend them at the base of the wings so the wings pop out more.

3. Pull a small piece of putty off and stick it to the back of the body of the bat

4. Stick to your wall and arrange them as if they are all flying towards something.


Free Printables:

bats (1)     bats2

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